Extraordinary corporate operations: mergers, demergers, transformations

Evaluations and appraisals both voluntary and on behalf of the Court

Management analysis, analysis of economic and financial flows, reporting to support business decisions
Andrea Bartolini e Luca Lambertini
Who we are

The studio was opened in 2007 by
Andrea Bartolini and Luca Lambertini, business owners with the internal collaboration of Alessandro Carloni. The activity was founded following a previous collaboration of the owners who have worked under the Studio Bartolini Lambertini brand since then. Studio Bartolini Lambertini.

Andrea, Luca and Alessandro are professionals chartered accountants, auditors and court experts registered in the Register of Official Technical Consultants (CTU) of the Court of Bologna.

We are convinced that the teamwork is winning, we demand the maximum from ourselves and from our collaborators, we keep theimportance of human relationships, esteem, trust and closeness.

The Office

The Studio Bartolini Lambertini is located in the historic center of Bologna in Vicolo San Damiano 3. Immersed in the history and art of Emilia, it is a 5-minute walk from Piazza Maggiore and the Due Torri. The court is located at the same distance.