Who we are

The studio was opened in 2007 by Andrea Bartolini and Luca Lambertini, business owners with the internal collaboration of Alessandro Carloni. The activity was founded following a previous collaboration of the owners who have been working under the brand since then Studio Bartolini Lambertini.

Andrea, Luca and Alessandro are professionals chartered accountants, auditors and court experts registered in the Register of Official Technical Consultants (CTU) of the Court of Bologna.

We are convinced that the teamwork is winning, we demand the maximum from ourselves and from our collaborators, we keep the importance of human relationships, esteem, trust and closeness.

We consider client relations a core value based on a mutual custody relationship characterized by professionalism, fairness, transparency and enthusiasm.

We guarantee a direct and frequent connection with the client, professional competence, depth of analysis, an attitude aimed at solving problems and optimizing tools for consolidating and developing activities.

We ensure rapidity of intervention and we work with a multidisciplinary team modality, through the network we have established with brilliant Professionals in the multiple aspects of needs of the Company and the Persons.

We collaborate with primary studies

Andrea Bartolini

Andrea Bartolini, Chartered Accountant, registered Auditor and Court Expert

Luca Lambertini

Luca Lambertini, Chartered Accountant, registered Auditor and Court Expert

Alessandro Carloni

Alessandro Carloni, Chartered Accountant, registered Auditor and Court Expert

Antonella Mei
Antonella Mei, Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Commerce
Agnese Balandi
Agnese Balandi, Baccalaureate in Accounting
Our team at work