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The Studio provides advice to Companies, consortia, associations, sole proprietorships, professionals, individuals, public bodies.

Consulting in the following sectors of the profession of Chartered Accountant:

Extraordinary corporate operations: mergers, demergers, transformations
Evaluations and appraisals both voluntary and on behalf of the Court
Management analysis, analysis of economic and financial flows, reporting to support business decisions
Assistance and processing in relation to financing practices
Balance sheets
Planning in the tax area and determination of taxes
Analytical and ordinary accounting and related obligations
Practices at the Chamber of Commerce and the Revenue Agency for both businesses and individuals
Tax returns, VAT, Irap, substitutes of tax
Tax litigation
Succession practices
Arrangement of family assets
Management and fulfillment of real estate
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The Office

The Studio Bartolini Lambertini is located in the historic center of Bologna in Vicolo San Damiano 3. Immersed in Emilian history and art, it is a 5-minute walk from Piazza Maggiore and the Two Towers. The courthouse is the same distance away.

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Studio Bartolini Lambertini from 2007 to today
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